Upcoming Events

If you are attending these events or if you are located in the geographic area, meetings with Kate Edwards can be arranged by contacting Geogrify.
21-23 June 2019
Gamedev World (Speaker)

26-28 June 2019
Gamelab (Speaker)
Barcelona, Spain

29 June-2 July 2019
Client workshop
Paris, France

3-6 July 2019
Business meetings
The Netherlands

17-21 July 2019
Comic-Con International (Game Events Organizer/Speaker)
San Diego, US

18-24 August 2019
Devcom/Gamescom (Speaker)
Cologne, Germany

27 August-2 September 2019
PAX Dev & PAX West (Speaker)
Seattle, US

17-20 October 2019
Game Industry Conference (GIC) (Speaker)
Poznan, Poland

30 October-2 November 2019
Reboot Develop Red (Speaker)
Banff, Canada

13-15 November 2019
GameRome (Speaker)
Rome, Italy