Upcoming Events

If you are attending these events or if you are located in the geographic area, meetings with Kate Edwards can be arranged by contacting Geogrify.
27-30 September 2018
GDEX (Speaker)
Columbus (OH), US

13 October 2018
IndieCade (Award Recipient)
Los Angeles, US

16-17 October 2018
Game Global Forum (Speaker)
Seattle, US

22-28 October 2018
GCAP (Speaker)
Melbourne, Australia

1-11 November 2018
Business meetings
Shenzhen, China

16-19 November 2018
Games Emerge Conference (Speaker – Tentative)
Islamabad, Pakistan

20-25 November 2018
Gamerome (Speaker)
Rome, Italy

26 November – 1 December 2018
Africa Games Week (Speaker)
Cape Town, South Africa