Upcoming Events

If you are attending these events or if you are located in the geographic area, meetings with Kate Edwards can be arranged by contacting Geogrify.
15 April 2019
Royal Geographical Society (Monday Night Lecturer)
London, UK

16-24 April 2019
Business meetings & holiday
London & Edinburgh, UK

25-28 April 2019
IXPO Event (Keynote Speaker)
Bratislava, Slovakia

7 May 2019
IGDA Las Vegas Meeting (Speaker)
Las Vegas, US

13-14 May 2019
Pocket Gamer Connects (Speaker)
Seattle, US

22-24 May 2019
Nordic Game (Advisor/Speaker)
Malmö, Sweden

27-28 May 2019
Nordic Diversity Games Conference (Speaker)
Luleå, Sweden

4-6 June 2019
Gotland Game Conference (Speaker)
Visby, Sweden

11-13 June 2019
Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
Los Angeles, US

21-23 June 2019
Gamedev World (Speaker)

26-28 June 2019
Gamelab (Speaker)
Barcelona, Spain

17-21 July 2019
Comic-Con International (Game Events Organizer/Speaker)
San Diego, US